Thursday, 29 October 2009

Me and my buddy Charlie

This is me and my buddy Charlie. He's a little bit older than me but like his Mum Sherries says, age and nothin' but a number and anyways soon enough the 5 months separating us won't make any difference... Charlie is a cool dude with a good sense of humour and generous to a fault - he's given me heaps of really cool things and as you can see he is good at sharing! He is my first little dude buddy and we are gonna have heaps of adventures together : when we start walking man, there'll be no stoppin' us. He teaches me all the cool stuff like how to 'gimme five'...we'll probably be blood brothers and have our own special gang handshake one day. Its always good to see him and I think maybe Mummy and Sherrie should be friends so they aren't in our faces cramping our style. They really need to get out more...

Charlie's Bumbo seat

Can I have one Mum pleeeeeaase?? Its so comfy and I can sit up like a big boy!

Vital Statistics as of 13/10/09

61.5 cm
14lb 4oz
100% gorgeous

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Short clips from Daddy's phone

So many clips, so short in you can see I'm a chatty little man. Mummy and Daddy think my voice is the most beautiful thing they have ever heard. I'm really loving to make sounds at the moment - the sound of my own voice is fascinating. I practice being loud and singing...yesterday Mummy caught me trying to talk to a table.

Mummy and I chat all the time and I tell her lots and lots of things about my day (just in case she missed them or had forgotten about them). Most of the time I'm a very happy chappie and I talk to people when I am in a good mood. Sometimes I take a break from my friend boob and tell Mummy how much fun I am having...that can take up to ten minutes when I'm having a good day! When I am tired I make one heck of a racket!! Luckily Mummy and Daddy come and soothe me and once I get to bed with boob all to myself I can kick back, relax and get some shut-eye. I'm not a complicated guy. You just have to listen.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Ernie Fashion October 2009 Part III - My First Fashion Shoot!

Hoodie Gap (from Mariko)
Onesie M&S (from Nana)
Socks Gap (from Mummy)

Shot on location outside 106 May lane, Kings Heath, Birmingham in my car seat in my Mummy's Renault Kangoo whilst waiting for an estate agent.

Ernie Fashion October 2009 Part II

As I may have already told you "I heart trees" and heres the proof. Daddy got this for me before I was even born. He must be psychic because I do heart trees - a lot! They fascinate me.

Anyhoo, this is me having a bit of chillaxation in my bouncie.

top: H &M
leggings: American Apparel
socks: GapKids

Ernie Fashion October 2009 Part I

Its starting to get chilly in old Blighty. On a recent trip to Berkswell it got cold so I was able to get my trusty favourite hat out of my change bag to keep my head and ears warm. My Great-Grandma knitted this especially for me and I love it. Mummy likes to push it around my head to give me various looks - this is the "McMurphy".

My Great-Grandma is very special - she knitted matching booties which I have now outgrown. I have inherited the McConnell family curse - and my Poppy has HOOOOOOJ feet too so I guess I'm going to get through plenty of footwear. I wish Mummy had taken a picture of me in those booties because I looked cute in my knitted hat and boot combo. Silly Mummy - again!!!

Ernie Fashion September 2009

This September was all about a cool blue and white palette with bright accents.

This little onesie came courtesy of my great uncle and aunt from New Zealand, John and Diane. It has buses, cars and taxis printed on it and even though they had never met me they got the colours just right for my complexion. The striped bib is just for fun but it picks up the colours of my blue eyes and any assorted dribbles and sickies that may happen along the way.

Ernie Fashion August 2009

Look what my Poppy bought me! All the way from New Zealand, these funky bootees have been getting me a lot of attention. Other Mummy's and random old ladies comment on them all the time. I'm a regular old chick magnet whenever I wear these! Whatever I am wearing, these babies always keep my look bang up to date. They look particularly effective with my little robot onesie don't you think?
I think this whole look shows off my legs to good effect - if you've got it, flaunt it, right?

Friday, 9 October 2009

Unc Part II

Unc had to leave on the Sunday but when the "super-memory masters" (my olds) finally managed to leave the house half the day had gone...sheesh! I mean how long does it take to have breakfast and read a newspaper anyway??!

We drove to Kenilworth to have a look at the castle - it was £7 each to get into the grounds so we walked around the outside...

...where the gate was too small for my pushchair so Daddy and Unc had to dismantle my pushchair to get me out of there. Just as Daddy was putting my seat back in a massive dog came bounding over and...

...slobbered all over Daddy <chuckle>

This is the only photo I have of me with Unc because silly Mummy didn't manage to take one that wasn't all blurry - this one is not much better. Hopefully I'll have some more "photo-opps" with Unc soon. Us Johnston men have got to stick together...

Unc also has a chapter in Mummy's good books because he did the dishes and he sent us flowers through Interflora to say "thank you" for the weekend - even though Mummy and Daddy were RUBBISH! Now thats what I call manners. I can respect that.

My Unc came to see me Part 1

I finally met my Uncle James - or "Unc" as we refer to him around here. Silly Mummy didn't think to take a picture until the day after he arrived. Here we are at the Victorian Tea Rooms : the waitresses made a fuss of me but I just wasn't in the mood for papparazzi bothering me while I was trying to have a meal with the family. Gimme a break, y'know?

I felt sorry for Unc because my olds were up to their usual tricks again and he had to trail around saving them from themselves (a lost parking ticket at the airport, a broken mobile phone that needed replacing, car keys left across town...). I just let 'em get on with it.