Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Owwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!! :-(

BEFORE: I had been enjoying a lovely day: 40 minutes in my gym listening to the sounds of the rainforest and practicing my 'reach and grab', did a standing up and tummy crunch work-out, had a bit of tummy time and a nice bath with Mummy. When she suggested we went for a walk I had no idea what horrors were awaiting me. The lady in the picture seemed really nice but then she made Mummy hold me tight and then...

AFTER: ...she really hurt me. I screamed and bawled and got really upset - almost inconsolable. I have never experienced pain before. Its really horrible. Mummy was very upset too and the horrible nurse lady kept asking her if she was okay...I wouldn't stop crying so Mummy took me to a vacant examination room and soothed me with a feed. I had tears in my eyes the whole time - so did Mummy.

Apparently I had two injections in my legs to protect me from didn't prevent me feeling miserable and sad all night. I cried and screamed on and off until finally (about half 10 and after another bath with Mummy) I ran out of steam and fell asleep being fed in Mummy's arms under Daddy's concerned and watchful eye.

Injections are RUBBISH :-( !!!

Sunday, 27 September 2009

I heart trees...

This was taken at Waseley Country Park. I was asleep and didn't even know we had gone there and I woke up in a howling bad mood absolutely flippin' starving Mummy and Daddy took me to have a snack in the woods out of the sun. I forgot my troubles for five minutes - the light coming through the trees made me gape in wonder. It was so quiet and peaceful. A man could get used to dining al fresco if he could have a picnic in the woods more often.

Oi! You two! Leave it out!

My Mummy and Daddy love me very much...I have to be very patient with them. They don't give me a moments peace.

At last!

A picture of me and my Granda...don't we look cute together?

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Bathtime with Mummy

My friend Charlie gave me this cool floaty thing when he had finished with it...I can use it to float safely in the big bath with Mummy and Daddy. Once I got the hang of it I really enjoyed it. Mummy and Daddy are trying to teach me how to splash. They are going to buy me some bath toys when I can sit up - I can hardly wait...hang on a cotton-pickin' minute Mum! Did you have to publish one with my bits and pieces on display?! I don't think anyone reeeally needs to see my noo-noo!! Yeah okay, I guess I do look kind of adorable. Maybe you have a point.

Lots and lots of beautiful smiles!

Mummy thought you might like to see some of my smiles ...I only laugh when I'm asleep for some reason.

If you think that's cute, you should hear me talk!

Monday, 14 September 2009

Nana and Granda's visit

My Nana and Granda came to visit me all the way from Northern Ireland!

Poor Granda was poorly when he arrived so we let him have a sleep and I met my Nana and greeted her with lots of great big smiles :-) We went to Pizza Express - they had pizza and I stuck with my friend boob.

The next day Granda was all better and we went out for the day to Compton Verney. Granda pushed my pram...

We had a nice lunch - the restaurant had a new menu. Mummy had soup and everyone else had mushrooms in cream on brioche. I had a bottle which Daddy fed me. They were naughty and had pudding - Daddy shared a sticky toffee pudding with Mummy (he said it was the best he had ever tasted) and my grampies shared some local ice-cream.

I slept through the exhibition of English Folk Art but we had a nice walk in the sun afterwards and I got to wear the stylish sunhat that Mariko bought me.

The next day we met up in town and went for lunch at the Edwardian Tea Rooms in The Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. I didn't eat any of the expensive food - Nana fed me my bot-bott so Mummy could eat her lunch in peace.

We walked around the old paintings in the Museum but I found it very boring so I voiced my displeasure. Nana and Daddy tried to comfort me and it worked for a bit...we went for afternoon tea at Hudsons and Mummy gave me a big feed in between trying to stuff a cream tea in her mouth. I was the centre of attention all day so that was good.

Granda took some photos on Daddy's camera so Granny Jen could have a more up-to-date family portrait. (Daddy will have to help me with my blog as he needs to update it with his photos). Mummy realised that Granda hadn't cuddled me yet and so I had a nice cuddle with him although I was a bit windy after such a big feed I hope he enjoyed it even if I seemed a bit niggly. My tummy gives me a bit of gyp sometimes!

I was sorry to see Nana and Granda go and maybe I can visit with them again soon. Nana will be back in November so I can have some more "Nana-cuddles" then.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Look who I visited!

On the way back from Compton Verney I stopped into Sara and Matt's because I was a bit peckish.
Sara was very funny but Matt made fun of my hair and Mummy got cross...

...we went to see Pip, Ian, Finn and Seth the next day and they made an amazing BBQ feast for us all (although I stuck with my friend Boob) - Sara, Matt and Katy were there too. Sara made an amazing butterscotch pudding which made Finn and Seth go skippy with sugar. We watched Yo Gabba Gabba and had great fun - it was all about robots!

Ian made funny " boogla-boogla" noises and bounced me on his knee. Finn rocked me in my bouncie and Seth told me he wanted me to be his friend when I am big enough to play with him. Pip cuddled me and rocked me off to sleep in her arms - she is a professional...unfortunately the batteries in Mummy's camera ran out so she didn't take any pictures :-( Matt made fun of my hair again and Mummy got cross...

Thanks to the McKnight-Francis clan and all our friends for a wonderful day.

Me and my Daddy

Compton Ernie II

Another reason to love Katy - she took some photos of me and Mummy!

Compton Ernie

On the Friday, Mummy's friend Katy Connor came up from Devon to stay...she made a spaceship put of some wrapping paper and kept me enthralled for hours. She also fed me and rocked me to sleep...then the next day Mummy drove us all to Compton Verney which is an amazing art gallery set in an enormous country estate.

Katy asked if she could carry me in my boing-boing. As you can see, I was quite happy to go with her.

She is lovely and when I'm older she'll probably be my girlfriend.