Monday, 14 June 2010

Weekends with Daddy II - Duck Tales

This is a duck. They go "quack, quack".  I know this because I have a book called Quack Quack and recently Daddy bought me this a-maaazing  book called Hairy Maclary and Zachary Quack. If you haven't read it, you  should check it out - so many plot twists and such a happy ending and Zachary Quack is really cute and you can point at the pictures and...oh, sorry I digress.

Anyway, I went to the park with Daddy the weekend before last and guess what? There was a real actual duck there!!!  I couldn't believe it. I just had to meet this duck but the question was, how?

I was dead casual about it and tried not betray my excitement.

Maybe Duck was hungry so I checked out the list of ingredients on my banana pudding - all organic and a.o.k...

"Hey Duck! Would you like some pudding? Its organic and really yummy and stuff..."

"Ok then, how about a nice big cuddle instead? Wait there! Duck? Duck! Where are you going Duck? Here Duck! Heeere DuckDuckDuck! DuckyDuckDuck...Duck? Where'd you go? Duck? Du-uck!!..."

I bet David Attenborough never has days like this.

Weekends with Daddy

My Mummy works on Saturdays and Sundays so my Daddy takes me out on adventures.  We go for lots of walks and fresh air and just generally hang out together and take things easy.

Last weekend Daddy took me to the park. I recently discovered the joy of swings - not only are they comfortable and relaxing but when Daddy pushes me its a total adreneline rush! I wouldn't say I was a thrill-seeker but it is nice to get the pulse racing and then just sit back and enjoy the view.

Hey Doubters!

I've heard that there is a rumour going around that my blog is ghost-written...shame on you!!! I write every word and I even spell-check. This is me uploading a video clip.

I'm actually right-handed but I sometimes use my left because I'm too young for R.S.I.

In case you were wondering I don't "do" Windows - I'm all about Mac...I asked the folks for a nice shiny new I-Pad but they told me that if I really wanted one I'd have to get a job. As if being their child wasn't hard enough work! I bet all my friends at Busy Bees have one.  Life is so unfair.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Big Boy stuff


I'm a BIG BOY!!!I've been growing and growing since I checked in with you all last and as you can see, I can do all sorts of cool stuff. I like to have a full day and mix things up a bit  - a bit of talking, a bit of reading, and I find a bit of exercise works wonders for keeping the brain active and the body in good working order.  You may notice that whenever you see the folks these days they are generally sitting or lying down...I try to encourage them to keep up with me but they are well out of shape!  Mummy heard someone on the radio the other day saying that having children when you're a bit older is like facing Roger Federer on Centre Court with an old wooden racquet and long pants - whoever that is!
Look at Daddy - he's fallen over with exhaustion - and Mummy's posture is nothing to be proud of!  get with the programme you pair!!!
New balls please!!!

A word from our sponsors

Teething is a right flamin' nightmare.  One minute everythings fine and the next, my teeth are biting, biting, biting!!! :-( :-( :-(

I've got two big tooths coming through on the top and ooh can they ever sting.
Thats why I choose Bonjela Teething Gel.  Bonjela brings relief, fast.  When it comes to pain, think once, think twice, think Mum, get me Bonjela. (Available at Boots, Tesco and other quality retailers).

Granny Jen's Birthday

Sometimes when inspiration strikes you've just got to follow your creative instincts and see where it leads you. My Granny Jen had a BIG birthday on April 21st so I just had to reach for my sketchbook. As my parents are too stingy to give me pocket money (see previous post) I had to put on my thinking cap and go freestyle with some original artwork.  When it comes to art, I prefer a 'less is more' approach and prefer to make small interventions on paper following the Surrealist notion of "automatic drawing" - I just put the pencil on paper and see where it takes me. Its best not to over-think things y'know?  I put my completed picture in Granny Jen's Birthday box - I haven't had any feedback yet but I hope she liked it. If not, hey! The worlds a critic...I can't help it if I'm ahead of my time.


I've been quite busy over the past few months and I just haven't been able to keep up with my correspondence. My PA has been on extended sick leave and to be quite honest with you I have been considering terminating her contract.

This photo was taken in February/March for heaven sakes!  I don't even look like this anymore! (Although I confess I do look good).

Mummy took me to visit her friends Mariko and Pedro in London and we stayed overnight in the big smoke!!  I made friends with their daughter Lirio *sigh* (she's b-eaut-iful) and Matteo, although he didn't seem that bothered about me for some reason.  I don't think he liked his Mummy Mariko paying me any attention.  He made me laugh though because Mariko brushed his teeth on her lap and he put on his big sister's blue tights!  They made me feel very welcome and we had a lovely time. There are so many lovely things to do and see in the Big Smoke but its very, very busy. I saw lots and lots of stuff I wanted to buy but Mummy didn't give me any pocket money to spend :-(   One day I'm going to get a job and buy all of the important must-have items that a young boy needs from that toy shop at the bottom of Portobello Road. Until then, I'll keep dreaming and working on my CV.

Thank you Mariko for taking such good care of me and making me feel so welcome and at home - and thank you to the lovely Lirio for playing with me and reading me stories. You make me feel all dreamy inside. Ahhhhhhhh....