Friday, 8 January 2010

The Noughties list

I've been reading in the papers about all of the lists of things that were popular with people in the Noughties. I've had a think about it and here are mine:

Best song : "Heads, shoulders, knees and toes / Party in my pants" by my Mum

Sooooo funny AND educational although maybe rhyming "farty" with "party" might raise a few eyebrows...

Best book : "Hairy McLary from Donaldson's Dairy" by Lynley Dodd

This has a thumping good read and keeps me riveted page after page. In fact its such a page-turner, I just have to get involved because I can't wait to see what happens next! I must thank Mummy's friend Belinda for sending this to me. I never get tired of hearing it!

Film of the year : Ernie : The Movie

No contest. The best performance by a baby in a leading role. Great plot. Believable characters. Whats not to love?

Best toy :Bee

My Great Auntie Jean in New Zealand sent me this - Bee is ACE (even though Mummy mangled him in the steriliser) and when Mummy passes him to me in the morning I am always so happy to see him. Daddy can make him fly down to me (I think he is using magic or something) in my bouncie. Bee is cool because he fits in my hands, has lots of textures and shapes for me to handle and "test" in my mouth. He smiles at me too so I know he likes me. He sometimes comes out and surprises me when we are out and about and he makes me feel relaxed. Bee is good company. Thanks Great Auntie Jean :-)

Best friend : Boob

Sorry Chachi - no offence my there brother! You're my mate and all - no doubt! But my buddy boob has been there for me night and day through thick and thin whenever I have needed comfort and a place to lay my head.

Highpoint of the decade: Being born!!! (Christmas comes a close second)

Being alive is brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only that but I got to meet my Mum and Dad - they're a bit weird but they mean well! Only joking (kind of)!! We have such fun and so many adventures together.

Most mornings I wake up and see my Mummy and it makes me smile because I love her and I get to have another brilliant day singing songs, playing with my toys, getting nice clean nap-naps put on and going out of the house and exploring the world. My Daddy gives the best cuddles in the world and I always look forward to spending time with him and getting him to watch what I can do. Mummy gives the best kisses, knows all the good songs to sing and is always there to comfort me. I am very loved and I am a secure and confident little man-mans.

Mummy and Daddy also dance with me, read me stories, put me to bed, and have bath-time with me.

Best invention : The internet / my Blog

Its so amazing that I can communicate with all of my friends and loved ones anywhere in the world. Thank you for being there for me and all of the love you have sent me means so much.

Lowpoint of the year : Its a tie between injections and being forced to dress up as flippin'

How. Humiliating.

Blessings : My Grandparents and Great Grandparents

Astor John Wallace McConnell for my middle name (next to me he was the man Mummy loved most in life AND a beautiful human being).

Granny Jen for being there for my Mum and my Dad (especially my Mum in more ways than she can express) and for looking after little me! Mummy couldn't have had me without your support you know! ;-)

Nana and Granda' for loving me so much and thinking of me and reaching out to my Mum and Dad with generosity and support when they needed it.

Grandma McConnell for being interested in me and being such an inspiration and support to my Mummy and Granny Jen. For always being on the end of the phone and having such a beautiful spirit and kind heart (and brilliant knitting fingers!)

Mac for helping Granny Jen financially and emotionally to be there for us.

Poppy and Beth for their kindness and generosity - and for the rockinest booties that got compliments and attention everywhere I went! Also, for being there for Mumma and Pop in a very difficult and trying time when Mummy and I weren't able to be. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Mumma and Pop Rouse for being superstars, loving and supportive care-givers and staying so positive in the face of so many challenges.

Dude of the year : Unc

He wears a leather jacket and he brought Tom Waits into my life. He and I are gonna have a lottttta fun at my parents expense...I can hardly wait. ;-p

A walk in the park

Crickey it was cold in Harbourne Park last Sunday...its a heck of a lot colder than it cold in fact that I had to fall asleep just to keep my strength up. We didn't stay long because it was so cold. Mummy and Daddy went for hot chocolate to try and take the chill out of their bones. Did I mention that it was really, really cold? Well, it was. Cold, that is. Very cold indeed.

The famous January 2010 cold snap

Brrrrrrrrr! Its COLD out there!!! Luckily my Nana bought me this amazing snowsuit which keeps me warm even when its freezy cold. Matched up with my gorgeous new hat and mittens that Grandma bought me I am nice and toasty. In fact its so warm for me Mummy sometimes has to remove my mittens so I don't overheat!

I think we have to get a snowsuit for the Ernie-mobile. Mummy had to remove all of the snow by hand and the following day she found a row of icicles on the bottom of the car. Snow makes everything beautiful and bright and puts colour in your cheeks. It is also nice and quiet, the pace of life slows down and people build snow men and women. Mummy is nearly 40 and she has never built a snowman...I hope I don't grow up before I get to build one..that'd be so unfair.

Nana and Granny Jen Christmas combo

Funky slippers + funky jim-jams =


I'm now able to kick back and relax
in comfort AND cuteness

Tank top buddies

Who has the best one - me or my Dad?

Fashion Update!

Look at my ace new hat! Bet you wish you had one just like it. Well, you can't. My Grandma in New Zealand knitted it especially for me. It is a perfect fit and keep me snuggly, buggly warm. It also has matching mittens which keep me looking super cool while keeping me super warm.

Thank you for caring Grandma!