Friday, 8 January 2010

The famous January 2010 cold snap

Brrrrrrrrr! Its COLD out there!!! Luckily my Nana bought me this amazing snowsuit which keeps me warm even when its freezy cold. Matched up with my gorgeous new hat and mittens that Grandma bought me I am nice and toasty. In fact its so warm for me Mummy sometimes has to remove my mittens so I don't overheat!

I think we have to get a snowsuit for the Ernie-mobile. Mummy had to remove all of the snow by hand and the following day she found a row of icicles on the bottom of the car. Snow makes everything beautiful and bright and puts colour in your cheeks. It is also nice and quiet, the pace of life slows down and people build snow men and women. Mummy is nearly 40 and she has never built a snowman...I hope I don't grow up before I get to build one..that'd be so unfair.

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