Monday, 22 February 2010

By Nayb is Michael Caine

Chris lent me his glasses so that I could see clearly that I am indeed my father's son.

Meet and Greet

And what do you do hairy man?

Every now and then I like to get out there and press the flesh with the man in the street. I traveled a long way to meet this one because he is a dear friend of my Mummy's and he invited us to stay for the weekend.

Never one to miss a photo opp, I happily posed for some commemorative photographs which recreated our first meeting - although with that beard it was somewhat like meeting Tarzan upon his return to Greystoke.

An appeal has been launched to raise funds to buy this man a razor and some shaving foam under my new initiative The Save Christopher Plant From Becoming a Total Beardy-Weirdy Foundation. All donations gratefully received - together we can make a difference.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Sound asleepies

Can you believe she just left me there??!! That siren is probably the police coming to tell her off for leaving me in the front room and then interfering with my shut-eye.

Lots of videos to catch up on Part 1

Ernie Nappy - Nappy, Ernie

Mummy finally managed to clear enough space on my computer to be able to sort my old videos out! So I've asked her if she can slowly start adding them - you can see me growing up before your very eyes....some of these are so old they were shot in 2009 - get with the programme lady, its 2010 for heavens sake!!

Sorry folks :-(

Don't know what kind of order they'll be in because they are not dated but I'll do my best to remember and talk you through it.

This video was shot before Christmas - its shows you my supercool nappies - some of them have Ernie from Sesame Street on them!!

Friday, 5 February 2010



My name is Ernie, pleased to meet ya!

Ohhh nice kitty!
Whats yourname? Liddycat?
Thats pretty...

Ooh, ooh

I wonder what happens when
I grab this??...

..where you going Liddycat?
Liddycat? Oh. No. You. Don't.
You. Are. Staying. Riiiiight
heeeere....awww Mum! What
did you make me let go for?!
Why did you suddenly put the
camera down? We were
having a lovely kitty party
weren't we Liddycat?
Liddycat? Oh, Liiidycaa-aaat!
Where'd she go???

On the move

Woo-hoo!! I've finally convinced my Olds to buy me a set of wheels! I'm a busy man on the move - just don't even think about getting in my way buddy -places to go, people to see! AND I can move around like a big boy - better than walking, its got a radio that changes songs when I push the buttons, a rear view mirror and a horn...Oi! You! Getouttamyway Mummy! Beepbeep!!

Tears after tea time

Remember when I said that teething was no big deal? How wrong can a man be?? It turns out this whole teething lark is really painful...these pictures were taken mere minutes before the whole world turned upside down.

This is me showing Daddy how to eat with a spoon like a big boy. Unfortunately Daddy is very messy - look at the state of me! Cute though...

Silly OLD Mummy

Mummy decided to make her first snowman before she turned 40...she did it very quickly and even though it was a bit rubbish she was ridiculously proud of it. Daddy and I came out to see her being silly in the snow - we didn't stay out long because it was freezing. I think the cold made Mummy go a bit funny in the head...maybe it was just old age.

Thursday, 4 February 2010


Mummy and Daddy and me went away on our first holiday together to celebrate the fact that my mum is really old. We stayed at a fancy country cottage in deepest Derbyshire and it was ACE. I even had the use of a highchair and I sat up like a big boy! I am such a big boy I eat big boy food from a spoon (although I sometimes have my buddy boob visit sometimes just so Mummy feels useful).

My main man Chachi came to visit - he brought his Olds to keep mine company...we weren't allowed in the outdoor hot tub though because it was too cold and we are too little apparently (surely that is discrimination against short people). They looked silly running around in the cold all wet and wearing not very much. We had a lovely log fire in the cottage and there were even chickens, cats and a horse...the big ginger cat Carrot even let me touch him!

Only problem was I didn't like the sleeping arrangements so I let Mummy sleep on the floor with me because she gets a bit scared trying to sleep in unfamiliar places. I started to get a tooth coming but it didn't hurt...don't know what all the fuss is about!

I hope we go away on holiday soon...I heard something about a caravan....whats a "caravan"? Is it yummy? :-p

More Derbyshire

This is the view from Monsall Head over the old viaduct - we stayed in a really lovely little B&B about 2 minutes from here...I had been all um, blocked up shall we say for a week and the combination of the fresh air peace and quiet and the log fire just helped me relax. I think Mum and Dad nearly fainted for some reason and I heard some rumblings about whether we had bought enough wipes but after a good five minutes of constant "relaxation" on my part The Olds were in hysterics, bless 'em. I don't know what was so flippin' funny - the whole idea of going on holiday was to relax and let go of all your cares wasn't it? Sheesh...

Anyhoo, I had a bath in the biggest cast iron tub Mummy had ever seen (over 6 feet long) - Mum had a bath later on her own and she said she had had an almost "primal experience" - I don't know what that means but as if shes happy it makes life a lots easier on the Johnston men ifyouknowwhattamean...

Mum ate quite a lot of breakfast...homebaked bread, homemade compote, fresh laid eggs, Derbyshire oatcakes, fresh squeezed juice. She went a bit weird and dreamy like she'd been hypnotised.

No Trouble at Mill

My Mummy and Daddy took me on holiday to Derbyshire and I had a brilliant time! Unfortunately something was wrong with Mummy's big camera so she used a really, really old used fillim or something...only she didn't have much of that so she only took a few.

These were taken at Masson Mill in Matlock Bath - its a World Heritage Site and it was amaazing...we had the whole place to ourselves! Mummy panicked because she lost me and Daddy but we were just looking at all the old looms. Did you know the loom punch cards were the earliest form of what we call the computer? Me neither. I'll tell you one thing though, it sure was cold in there - especially by the river outside where I'm posing. Of course I was snuggly buggles in my trusty snow suit and hat combo - Mum and Dad, not so much...

My parents really fell in love with Derbyshire and The Peak District even though most of it was closed for Winter! I was disappointed not to go on the steam trains that Mummy and Daddy kept going on about so they better jolly well take me when the weather is warmer or there will be ructions.