Thursday, 4 February 2010


Mummy and Daddy and me went away on our first holiday together to celebrate the fact that my mum is really old. We stayed at a fancy country cottage in deepest Derbyshire and it was ACE. I even had the use of a highchair and I sat up like a big boy! I am such a big boy I eat big boy food from a spoon (although I sometimes have my buddy boob visit sometimes just so Mummy feels useful).

My main man Chachi came to visit - he brought his Olds to keep mine company...we weren't allowed in the outdoor hot tub though because it was too cold and we are too little apparently (surely that is discrimination against short people). They looked silly running around in the cold all wet and wearing not very much. We had a lovely log fire in the cottage and there were even chickens, cats and a horse...the big ginger cat Carrot even let me touch him!

Only problem was I didn't like the sleeping arrangements so I let Mummy sleep on the floor with me because she gets a bit scared trying to sleep in unfamiliar places. I started to get a tooth coming but it didn't hurt...don't know what all the fuss is about!

I hope we go away on holiday soon...I heard something about a caravan....whats a "caravan"? Is it yummy? :-p

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