Thursday, 4 February 2010

No Trouble at Mill

My Mummy and Daddy took me on holiday to Derbyshire and I had a brilliant time! Unfortunately something was wrong with Mummy's big camera so she used a really, really old used fillim or something...only she didn't have much of that so she only took a few.

These were taken at Masson Mill in Matlock Bath - its a World Heritage Site and it was amaazing...we had the whole place to ourselves! Mummy panicked because she lost me and Daddy but we were just looking at all the old looms. Did you know the loom punch cards were the earliest form of what we call the computer? Me neither. I'll tell you one thing though, it sure was cold in there - especially by the river outside where I'm posing. Of course I was snuggly buggles in my trusty snow suit and hat combo - Mum and Dad, not so much...

My parents really fell in love with Derbyshire and The Peak District even though most of it was closed for Winter! I was disappointed not to go on the steam trains that Mummy and Daddy kept going on about so they better jolly well take me when the weather is warmer or there will be ructions.

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