Monday, 26 July 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!! Happy to ME!! Happy Birthday dear ME-EE!! Happy Birthday to MEEEEE!!!!

Its not at ALL grim up North!!! :-)

Me and Mummy went 'oop North' a ways to see our mate Anne-Marie who is expecting a wee July man to arrive we all know,  July men are the best kind of wee men to expect!  Anne-Marie was full of beans and already full prepared and psyched up for her bundle of joy...she made MY mum look like a right schlub in comparison, I can tell you!  Posing in these photographs is a friend of Anne-Marie's who had also come up from the Midlands to say "howdy" (hmm, or is it "'ow do?"). His name is Alan Cheeseman - it was very exciting for me because I got to meet a man made out of cheese!!!

It was a big long drive on the motorway and I HATED it - strapped in for hours on end with only the back of Mummy's head for entertainment...she sang me some songs but that wasn't very impressive... She did redeem herself slightly by taking me to this cute B&B for the night in Marple down a bumpy track in the middle of nowhere though...I got a brilliant nights sleep cuddled up with Mummy in this big bed.  Mummy seemed a bit bleary-eyed the next day though - no idea why that was...the big bed was a-mazing!!! There was plenty to play with as you can see.  I had my first shower (didn't think much to that to be quite honest with you) , my first climb into a bay window (now that was ace!) and my first experience of watching Dick and Dom in Da Bungalow (I thought it was a bit silly but Mum seemed to enjoy it).  We also went to a local ale house for our tea and the old men that propped up the bar made a big fuss of me. So did the barmaids - eee it were proper good!

Would love to go again but maybe next time I'll take the train?

Thursday, 1 July 2010

A lovely day out with my Mummy AND my Daddy!!!

Mummy took the weekend off work so we could all spend some time together as a family and catch up with all our friends.  We went to two picnics, Bourneville fete, heard Carillion bells played by the minimalist composer Charlemagne Palestine (I am big on the minimalism - I think its something to do with being shorter than other people) and went to this brilliant playground near our house! Afterwards we put a blanket down under the trees so I could stretch my legs and frolic about whilst Daddy had a quick snooze (Daddy is really good at snoozing).  Summer is really good fun.  I like it best when the old folks get their act together and their priorities all about quality time and getting that work/life balance.  I mean, look how happy and relaxed they are.  They should focus all of their attention on me more often, theres so much for them to learn that only I can teach.