Monday, 7 June 2010

Big Boy stuff


I'm a BIG BOY!!!I've been growing and growing since I checked in with you all last and as you can see, I can do all sorts of cool stuff. I like to have a full day and mix things up a bit  - a bit of talking, a bit of reading, and I find a bit of exercise works wonders for keeping the brain active and the body in good working order.  You may notice that whenever you see the folks these days they are generally sitting or lying down...I try to encourage them to keep up with me but they are well out of shape!  Mummy heard someone on the radio the other day saying that having children when you're a bit older is like facing Roger Federer on Centre Court with an old wooden racquet and long pants - whoever that is!
Look at Daddy - he's fallen over with exhaustion - and Mummy's posture is nothing to be proud of!  get with the programme you pair!!!
New balls please!!!

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