Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Look who I visited!

On the way back from Compton Verney I stopped into Sara and Matt's because I was a bit peckish.
Sara was very funny but Matt made fun of my hair and Mummy got cross...

...we went to see Pip, Ian, Finn and Seth the next day and they made an amazing BBQ feast for us all (although I stuck with my friend Boob) - Sara, Matt and Katy were there too. Sara made an amazing butterscotch pudding which made Finn and Seth go skippy with sugar. We watched Yo Gabba Gabba and had great fun - it was all about robots!

Ian made funny " boogla-boogla" noises and bounced me on his knee. Finn rocked me in my bouncie and Seth told me he wanted me to be his friend when I am big enough to play with him. Pip cuddled me and rocked me off to sleep in her arms - she is a professional...unfortunately the batteries in Mummy's camera ran out so she didn't take any pictures :-( Matt made fun of my hair again and Mummy got cross...

Thanks to the McKnight-Francis clan and all our friends for a wonderful day.

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