Monday, 14 September 2009

Nana and Granda's visit

My Nana and Granda came to visit me all the way from Northern Ireland!

Poor Granda was poorly when he arrived so we let him have a sleep and I met my Nana and greeted her with lots of great big smiles :-) We went to Pizza Express - they had pizza and I stuck with my friend boob.

The next day Granda was all better and we went out for the day to Compton Verney. Granda pushed my pram...

We had a nice lunch - the restaurant had a new menu. Mummy had soup and everyone else had mushrooms in cream on brioche. I had a bottle which Daddy fed me. They were naughty and had pudding - Daddy shared a sticky toffee pudding with Mummy (he said it was the best he had ever tasted) and my grampies shared some local ice-cream.

I slept through the exhibition of English Folk Art but we had a nice walk in the sun afterwards and I got to wear the stylish sunhat that Mariko bought me.

The next day we met up in town and went for lunch at the Edwardian Tea Rooms in The Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. I didn't eat any of the expensive food - Nana fed me my bot-bott so Mummy could eat her lunch in peace.

We walked around the old paintings in the Museum but I found it very boring so I voiced my displeasure. Nana and Daddy tried to comfort me and it worked for a bit...we went for afternoon tea at Hudsons and Mummy gave me a big feed in between trying to stuff a cream tea in her mouth. I was the centre of attention all day so that was good.

Granda took some photos on Daddy's camera so Granny Jen could have a more up-to-date family portrait. (Daddy will have to help me with my blog as he needs to update it with his photos). Mummy realised that Granda hadn't cuddled me yet and so I had a nice cuddle with him although I was a bit windy after such a big feed I hope he enjoyed it even if I seemed a bit niggly. My tummy gives me a bit of gyp sometimes!

I was sorry to see Nana and Granda go and maybe I can visit with them again soon. Nana will be back in November so I can have some more "Nana-cuddles" then.

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