Friday, 9 October 2009

Unc Part II

Unc had to leave on the Sunday but when the "super-memory masters" (my olds) finally managed to leave the house half the day had gone...sheesh! I mean how long does it take to have breakfast and read a newspaper anyway??!

We drove to Kenilworth to have a look at the castle - it was £7 each to get into the grounds so we walked around the outside...

...where the gate was too small for my pushchair so Daddy and Unc had to dismantle my pushchair to get me out of there. Just as Daddy was putting my seat back in a massive dog came bounding over and...

...slobbered all over Daddy <chuckle>

This is the only photo I have of me with Unc because silly Mummy didn't manage to take one that wasn't all blurry - this one is not much better. Hopefully I'll have some more "photo-opps" with Unc soon. Us Johnston men have got to stick together...

Unc also has a chapter in Mummy's good books because he did the dishes and he sent us flowers through Interflora to say "thank you" for the weekend - even though Mummy and Daddy were RUBBISH! Now thats what I call manners. I can respect that.

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