Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Short clips from Daddy's phone

So many clips, so short in length...as you can see I'm a chatty little man. Mummy and Daddy think my voice is the most beautiful thing they have ever heard. I'm really loving to make sounds at the moment - the sound of my own voice is fascinating. I practice being loud and singing...yesterday Mummy caught me trying to talk to a table.

Mummy and I chat all the time and I tell her lots and lots of things about my day (just in case she missed them or had forgotten about them). Most of the time I'm a very happy chappie and I talk to people when I am in a good mood. Sometimes I take a break from my friend boob and tell Mummy how much fun I am having...that can take up to ten minutes when I'm having a good day! When I am tired I make one heck of a racket!! Luckily Mummy and Daddy come and soothe me and once I get to bed with boob all to myself I can kick back, relax and get some shut-eye. I'm not a complicated guy. You just have to listen.

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