Saturday, 10 October 2009

Ernie Fashion October 2009 Part I

Its starting to get chilly in old Blighty. On a recent trip to Berkswell it got cold so I was able to get my trusty favourite hat out of my change bag to keep my head and ears warm. My Great-Grandma knitted this especially for me and I love it. Mummy likes to push it around my head to give me various looks - this is the "McMurphy".

My Great-Grandma is very special - she knitted matching booties which I have now outgrown. I have inherited the McConnell family curse - and my Poppy has HOOOOOOJ feet too so I guess I'm going to get through plenty of footwear. I wish Mummy had taken a picture of me in those booties because I looked cute in my knitted hat and boot combo. Silly Mummy - again!!!

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