Thursday, 29 October 2009

Me and my buddy Charlie

This is me and my buddy Charlie. He's a little bit older than me but like his Mum Sherries says, age and nothin' but a number and anyways soon enough the 5 months separating us won't make any difference... Charlie is a cool dude with a good sense of humour and generous to a fault - he's given me heaps of really cool things and as you can see he is good at sharing! He is my first little dude buddy and we are gonna have heaps of adventures together : when we start walking man, there'll be no stoppin' us. He teaches me all the cool stuff like how to 'gimme five'...we'll probably be blood brothers and have our own special gang handshake one day. Its always good to see him and I think maybe Mummy and Sherrie should be friends so they aren't in our faces cramping our style. They really need to get out more...


  1. Doood! Those are some radical (my Mum is teaching me to speak American) snaps of us! I'm missin' ya brotha. Let's get our Mum's together so we can chillax and they can do Mum stuff like gossip and drink tea. See you in November! ~Charlie

  2. Did you have a good Hallowe'en Charlie bro? Missing you my brother..