Monday, 9 August 2010

Some bloke called Morris

I took Mummy, Daddy, Nana and Grandad to Compton Verney again because its been about a year since I was there last. It was brilliant!  Not only we have some nice scran at the cafe but the waitress fancied me and gave me some free was abso-flaming-lutely delicious!  What I want to know is why have I not been given ice-cream before. Mum? Dad?

After lunch we went outside to watch some bloke called Morris, dancing.

It turns out that there were LOADS of people called Morris dancing...some of them were even girls!

It was bloomin' interesting, I can tell you!

Then one of the
ladies called Morris put this hat on me and asked my Mummy if I would like to be called Morris and dance too!

SoMummy and I decided that we wouldn't mind being Morrises if it meant we could dance together and wave some big sticks around. I have no idea WHAT it was all in aid of but it certainly made Mummy very happy and very tired and you know me, I do like a dance - especially if banging things is involved...

That done, I decided it was time to give Daddy a good work out...catch me if you can Daddy!

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