Saturday, 26 December 2009

Christmas Day photos

Please double-click on the link above to see our Christmas Day photos!


I had a BRILLIANT day - I was shouting out with pleasure up until 11pm when I finally passed out! I just couldn't calm down - I was too excited and over-stimulated to keep it to myself! This could possibly have been the best day of my life so far.

Mummy told Daddy that if she had to live a day of her life over and over, she wouldn't mind if it was that one. I couldn't agree more. Christmas RULES!!!! :-)

Special Christmas photo


Lots of kisses and cuddles,

Ernie, Mummy and Daddy


Wednesday, 23 December 2009

In case you didn't know folks...

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Me and my Mummy

Sherrie was wondering why there were so many pictures of me at her son's christening - well my cheeky mummy begged their friend Howie to take some pictures of us together using Howie's posh professional (several thousands of pounds worth of) camera - shes a camera geek and she is always moaning about the lack of nice pictures of me and Mummy together.

I look cute as a button in the cashmere jumpsuit Nana bought me and Mummy pulled out a new toy for me to keep me amused.

As a special treat there will be a special picture posted for Christmas Day for all the family from me, just because I care and I wish I could be with you. Be warned though, I look GORGEOUS!!!
I'm just catnip to ladies of a certain age y'know! Just ask my Mum...

Chachi's christening

Charlie got christened a few weeks ago and he invited me along to celebrate. I'm not really sure what a christening is but Charlie sure seemed full of the holy spirit after a man in a big dress poured water all over his head.

I met some very nice people and Charlie looked all grown up in his suit - Mum think the shot with him and the cucumber stick reminds her of a young Al Pacino (whoever he is). Everyone was all dressed up and looking fancy - especially Chachi's mum - shes very pretty and was very proud of her big man on his big day. She did all the catering and managed to stay beautiful and even-tempered! My mum couldn't do that!!

Best of all, Charlie's soul has totally been saved from eternal damnation! AND he'll get to go to that cute school next to the church! Way to totally get educated and thwart Satan dude!!! ;-)

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Christmas shopping cuteness

Me and my Mum have a right old laugh wherever we go - Mum makes me giggle and squeal but shes always laughing her head off and being silly - thats because I'm FUNNY! I've been practicing standing up like a big boy and when I concentrate really hard I have to stick my tongue out. When I think I've done something special, I stick my tongue out. Most of the time I just go about my bidness smiling and laughing but when Daddy's there for me to show off to well...I stick my tongue out. You're seeing what my Daddy sees. I love it when he watches me. Hes a big boy too and he likes to notice me and smile back.

Christmas shopping is brilliant - when we were in HMV it was awfully loud so I just laid back and got some shut-eye. It snowed today and although I didn't get to see it, it was jolly cold. Mummy got me a rockin' new hat which actually fits my head (its size 18-24 months - I've got a big head because of all the brains) which was an early Chrissie pressie from Granny Jen. I look like a tree-hugging lumberjack (I heart trees, remember)! Its enormous but its soooooo snuggly warm :-)

There were a lot of shopping bags I wasn't allowed to look in - I wonder what was inside??? We took some time out and the old folks had mince pies and I had a Christmas boob! Ho-ho-ho!!!

Full of Christmas spirit (hic!)

Has anybody seen my Dad???

I don't know who this guy is but he came to my house late one night when Daddy was at the office Christmas party and tried to kiss my mum. I think he must have been ill because he wasn't very steady on his feet. Maybe he was a reindeer because he has googly brown eyes and a red, shiny nose.

I'm a big boy!

I know you all still think of me as a little baby but actually I am a great biiiiiiiiiig man-mans!! AND I can wear shoes. I'm all in velour because its cold out there!