Thursday, 17 December 2009

Christmas shopping cuteness

Me and my Mum have a right old laugh wherever we go - Mum makes me giggle and squeal but shes always laughing her head off and being silly - thats because I'm FUNNY! I've been practicing standing up like a big boy and when I concentrate really hard I have to stick my tongue out. When I think I've done something special, I stick my tongue out. Most of the time I just go about my bidness smiling and laughing but when Daddy's there for me to show off to well...I stick my tongue out. You're seeing what my Daddy sees. I love it when he watches me. Hes a big boy too and he likes to notice me and smile back.

Christmas shopping is brilliant - when we were in HMV it was awfully loud so I just laid back and got some shut-eye. It snowed today and although I didn't get to see it, it was jolly cold. Mummy got me a rockin' new hat which actually fits my head (its size 18-24 months - I've got a big head because of all the brains) which was an early Chrissie pressie from Granny Jen. I look like a tree-hugging lumberjack (I heart trees, remember)! Its enormous but its soooooo snuggly warm :-)

There were a lot of shopping bags I wasn't allowed to look in - I wonder what was inside??? We took some time out and the old folks had mince pies and I had a Christmas boob! Ho-ho-ho!!!

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