Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Chachi's christening

Charlie got christened a few weeks ago and he invited me along to celebrate. I'm not really sure what a christening is but Charlie sure seemed full of the holy spirit after a man in a big dress poured water all over his head.

I met some very nice people and Charlie looked all grown up in his suit - Mum think the shot with him and the cucumber stick reminds her of a young Al Pacino (whoever he is). Everyone was all dressed up and looking fancy - especially Chachi's mum - shes very pretty and was very proud of her big man on his big day. She did all the catering and managed to stay beautiful and even-tempered! My mum couldn't do that!!

Best of all, Charlie's soul has totally been saved from eternal damnation! AND he'll get to go to that cute school next to the church! Way to totally get educated and thwart Satan dude!!! ;-)

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  1. Thanks for being there on my special God day, Erns! My Mom and me love you guys! Even if you are a camera hog ;) Can't wait to rock Twenty-Ten with ya dude. Peace ~Chachi