Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Me and my Mummy

Sherrie was wondering why there were so many pictures of me at her son's christening - well my cheeky mummy begged their friend Howie to take some pictures of us together using Howie's posh professional (several thousands of pounds worth of) camera - shes a camera geek and she is always moaning about the lack of nice pictures of me and Mummy together.

I look cute as a button in the cashmere jumpsuit Nana bought me and Mummy pulled out a new toy for me to keep me amused.

As a special treat there will be a special picture posted for Christmas Day for all the family from me, just because I care and I wish I could be with you. Be warned though, I look GORGEOUS!!!
I'm just catnip to ladies of a certain age y'know! Just ask my Mum...

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