Thursday, 5 November 2009

Yo McFrancis family gabba gabba !

A couple of weeks ago Mummy took me to visit Pip,Finn and Seth. I had a bath there because our boiler was on the blink and Finn helped me get dry and helped put my clothes on. Seth shared his toys with me and gave me some fashion tips (he's a bit of a style icon for boys like me).

Pip made yummy raspberry muffins - I assume they were yummy as I'm too little to have any but there were squabbles over how many muffins were allowed to be eaten and fierce debate over whether any should be left for Ian when he got home.

A splendid afternoon all in all - I had lovely cuddles with Pip too. I love visiting the "Mc-Francis" family of a Sunday afternoon. They're way more fun than the "McC-Johnstons"! They even gave me some toys so maybe I can get a little more play action around here (hint, hint Mum and Dad!). I can scarcely dare to dream...

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